Speech Therapy

We provide a complete evaluation and thorough intervention until remission of symptoms is achieved whilst simultaneously reinforcing the patient’s personal self-esteem

We provide a complete evaluation and thorough intervention until remission of symptoms is achieved whilst simultaneously reinforcing the patient’s personal self-esteem. Speech therapy covers both prevention and diagnosis and the subsequent multiple treatments related to communication, speech, language, voice or swallowing. At the Colev Clinic, we aim to improve the health and quality of life of people who suffer from a pathology of language and communication.

We are specialists in the detection and intervention of children and adolescents who present difficulties whilst learning. We work with them, but also with their families and schools, in a thorough manner. This is done to ensure that they can apply the guidelines for action in rehabilitation and that they can overcome those difficulties that are interfering in both their academic performance and personal development. We provide a personalized service to address each of these difficulties with treatments completely adapted to your child’s particular needs.

Areas of intervention for children and adolescents:

  • Speech difficulties: dyslalia, dysphemia (stammering or stuttering), fluency difficulties…
  • Learning difficulties: reading (reading fluency, dyslexia, reading comprehension…), writing (stroke, directionality of letters, graphing, dysgraphia…) and calculation (dyscalculia).
  • Specific language difficulties: language delay, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, specific language disorder (SLD), etc.
  • Swallowing problems: dysphagia, abnormal swallowing, etc.
  • Voice disorders: dysphonia, laryngitis, vocal cord weakness and nodules, amongst others voice disorders.
  • Cognitive difficulties: difficulties in memorising, attention-span difficulties, executive functions, etc.
  • Specialized intervention for students with Special Educational Needs: intellectual disability, dysglossia, ADHD, amongst others.
  • Individual educational support: to improve academic performance (study techniques…).

Areas of intervention with adults:

At the Colev Clinic, speech therapy intervention covers the following areas:

  • Difficulties resulting from a neurological disorder: stroke, ALS, etc.
  • Language disorders: reading, writing, comprehension, expression…
  • Communication difficulties, search for alternative communication systems.
  • Speech disorders.
  • Voice disorders.
  • Swallowing problems, breathing and phonation management, etc.


The process includes the following steps: Initial interview with parents (anamnesis), diagnostic evaluation, therapeutic intervention, follow-up, coordination with parents and school (tutor, guidance office, support, teachers…).

For children and adolescents, our multilingual speech therapy team (Spanish, French, English and Hebrew) works globally with both the parents and the school. It is distinguished by offering early attention, a holistic treatment and treatments always at the forefront, always taking care of the emotional state and wellbeing of the patient.

we always carry forward a patient-centred approach

At the Colev Clinic we always carry forward a patient-centred approach, putting our patients and respective family members first as our top priority. Through our services we provide the motivation for the individual to complete their personal development.