Our goal is to improve your relationship towards all foods, remove the guilt and anxiety you may feel and find your inner peace with your mind and plate.

We understand that every case is different, which is why we take the time to understand your fears, worries and concerns and design a meal plan specific to you.

What would this look like?

We work on shifting your mindset towards a healthier relationship towards all foods by directing you towards food freedom and providing you with the tools you may need during your journey to recovery. We do this by learning more about your dietary habits and your relationship with food and provide individualised plans and weekly check-ups.

What do we cover?

We help support individuals with eating disorders or disordered eating mindsets, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. We provide nutritional support through the meal plans which are designed specifically to your needs. We always take a holistic approach and listen to your worries, fears and concerns and give you tips and guidance during the follow-up sessions, where we see how you are progressing and how we can best support you. We will help support you through the distinct behaviours relevant to eating disorders such as binge-eating, purging, unhealthy dieting practices, skipping meals, extreme dietary restriction and other unhealthy weight control behaviours.

How do we do this?

In the first few sessions we will learn about your daily dietary intake and your relationship, habits and history with food through a series of themed questions. This would then be followed by an individualised plan for you, which will provide you with a weekly menu based on your specific nutritional requirements, recovery stage and of course always taking your preferences, thoughts and feelings into consideration. During these sessions we will also go over your specific plan and provide any extra education needed around this.

The meal plans are designed to be personalised, simple, effective and easy to follow. From the next follow-up sessions, you can expect to learn about how you can listen and respect your body’s natural hunger cues, how to nourish your body and how to practice mindful eating. These sessions will also provide you with an opportunity to express any questions you may have around the meal plan and discuss any adjustments that may be needed.

We will also cover topics such as how to get out of your comfort zone with certain foods and how to manage events and social settings when it comes to food and food choices. Through the sessions we will show you how you can have more positive experiences around food and less negative ones.

A healthy good relationship with food is like any other relationship, it requires time and patience.  Start your journey with us today!


A good and healthy relationship with food is like any other relationship, it takes time and patience. Start your road to recovery with us!