psychology & psychotherapy

Asking for help is hard, but once you take the step, your life will change completely.


There are many people who need help, but, unfortunately, not everyone is able to build-up the strength to seek or ask for it. This is completely normal.

It is important to recognise that this is the first and unavoidable step you have to take to regain a balance, to be able to feel good about yourself again and towards those around you.

With our help, evaluation and treatment, you will be able to reduce or completely eliminate those problems that are affecting your daily life and preventing you from finding happiness or meaning in your life.

Through psychotherapy (for children, adolescents or adults), we evaluate and treat various problems; we enhance the skills and resources to cope with possible adversities or future challenges and we provide the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Manage emotions or important milestones in life.
  • Resolve conflicts or problems and how to solve them.
  • Develop effective communication skills in relationships
  • Develop self-control through the application of relaxation techniques, amongst others.
  • Accept what cannot be changed and to change what can be.
  • Face and overcome fears.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Regain security within yourself and self-confidence, which has a direct impact on correct decision making.
  • Not anticipate negatively.
  • Value life and be grateful for everything that you do have.
  • Accept the past with resilience, how to not negatively anticipate outcomes and how to enjoy the present more (a word that “coincidently” signifies gift).
  • Find meaning in your life and how to recover that sense of wellbeing that has been lost.
  • Effectively manage time and execute tasks.
  • Improve the capacity to focus and increase selective attention.

This includes an observation of remission of the physical ailments associated to the previous mental state.


A therapy includes the objective and desire to bring about a change in a symptomatology. A therapeutic procedure is one designed to bring about favourable and permanent changes in an individual’s personality or way of life.

In our society, there is still some stigma around the role of psychology, although this has improved a lot in the more recent years. For this reason, many people postpone the decision to see a psychologist or, even worse, rule it out. But let’s be clear: it is not a good idea to wait until you suffer from a serious pathology to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of psychotherapy.

Sometimes the cause is clear: a loss, a bereavement, a traumatic event, an anxiety disorder, an attention deficit disorder, poor management of stress, phobias or fears, depression, an eating disorder, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, an addiction or problems at school, with your peers, at work, with your partner or with your body image.

But other times, the origin is completely unknown to the patient. Regardless of what your case is, we provide you with the opportunity to redirect your life and regain normality.

Additionally, if the symptomatology persists, it can become the origin of behaviours capable of interfering negatively in the daily life of the subject. Falling into addictions or eating disorders, for example, are two very common escape routes that also end up seriously damaging physical health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for professional help, do not hesitate any longer. Many people who, like you, felt lost, helpless or who could not find meaning in their lives, have decided to start the path to their solution with us.


Through an international and multidisciplinary approach, with a proven methodology, with a systemic and holistic approach, and with a unique experience, we obtain effective results for the benefit of our clients.

When we work with a minor, we usually count on the collaboration of the educational centre where he/she attends. Additionally, parents are provided with guidelines for action.

With extensive training and experience at your disposal, we proceed to address various psychological problems, intervening with adults as well as with children and adolescents, in order to improve one’s psychological wellbeing.

We are aware how our thoughts can influence our emotions and our actions. Therefore, we usually proceed with a therapeutic intervention based on a cognitive-behavioural and humanistic approach, in which patients are evaluated and diagnosed in order to provide the appropriate treatment.

We define ourselves as eclectic, applying a specific therapeutic technique depending on the needs of each client. The goal is to provide the necessary tools to help develop emotional intelligence, to face and overcome the obstacles one may encounter, to facilitate a positive management of emotions, and to be able to recover that sense of lost wellbeing or balance.

We are facilitators of a therapeutic process in which the phases of awareness, acceptance and commitment are developed and elaborated.

Our therapeutic procedures are effective, that is, they bring a fundamental and permanent change. What we achieve is to lead our patients to new ways of feeling, thinking and acting. Thus, they are better able to leave behind discomfort for good.

Our goal is to reach the highest degree of autonomy and adaptation possible.

Our work method offers long-term concrete and satisfactory results. It provides order in contexts mostly dominated by chaos, bringing the doses of tranquillity and relief that are required to face the different situations of life, and to manage emotions, especially fears, tensions and anxiety.

We are here to help you!

Asking for help is hard, but once you take the step, your life will change completely. We will focus on restoring your inner balance between what you think, what you feel and what you do. Achieving that natural coherence between thoughts, feelings and behaviour is the basis of any healing process.

We will help you move forward from a place of empathy, confidentiality and respect. The Colev Clinic has an online psychotherapy service, adapting to your needs, wherever you are. Digitalization in the field of health is a reality in the continuous evolution and growth, especially after the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Online psychology allows the patient to work on themselves in their own comfort and schedule without the need to travel. Additionally, we recognise the importance of expressing your emotions and feelings in your native language. Therefore, we offer a multilingual psychotherapeutic intervention in 4 languages: Spanish, French, English and Hebrew, guided by professionals with extensive international experience.